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 Imagine a distinctive lifestyle in Normandy.

Manoir des Labb&s : Imagine a distintive lifestyle in Normandy.

Rose"As she entered, Emma felt herself enveloped in a warm atmosphere, the scent of flowers mingled with that of fine linens, of well-season meat and truffles. The long flames of the candles in the candelabra played over the silver covers and the misted …"

Madame Bovary, Gustav Flaubert

Le Manoir des Labbés
, set in the glories of the Normandy countryside, is a magnificent country house in the grand style for which Flaubert’s Emma Bovary yearns with all her heart. This pinnacle of 19th century French living, set more than four acres of beautiful, manicured gardens, amid fields and tall trees, is a genuine glimpse of the glories of the France of the ancien régime, carefully restored to its former glory and equipped with every modern comfort. It is the kind of house one dreams of retreating to when the bustle of world seems too much, and we long for a somewhere tranquil and green, where small streams run between grassy banks, the wind sighs in the trees and forest paths are dappled with sunlight. It is an idyllic retreat for a family holiday, a corporate event or a once-in-a-lifetime vacation.

Le Manoir des Labbés would definitively offer you an unforgettable luxury rental in Normandy.

The Manor
A majestic gateway leads to the elegantly curving driveway, sweeping past manicured lawns and shady chestnut trees. Rounding the curve in the drive, careful in case the resident family of ducks is crossing, heading for a nearby pond, you catch your first glimpse of Le Manoir , an imposing three-storey manor house of red-brick with the gables and curves of its mansard roof tiled in grey slate. This, surely, is what Emma Bovary dreamed of: graceful pediments, tall casement windows flashing in sunlight – a place of opulent soirées, candlelit rooms, silks and finery whispering with romance.
Le Manoir des Labbés was built in the early 19th century, between the reigns of Louis XVIII and Charles X.

The grand bourgeois, evident in the high-ceilinged reception rooms, the parquet floors, the ornate carved wooden staircases and the marble fireplaces gives some glimpse into the wealth and prestige of the house. In the garden, a fleur de Lys sundial hints at the architect’s aspiration to nobility.

The Environs
A five-minute drive from Rougemontiers, a charming, pristine village with a post office, bakery, grocery store and several other shops and half an hour map from the enchanting historic port of Honfleur, Le Manoir des Labbes is ideally situated to explore the glories of Normandy.

To the west, Rouen, whose 12th-century cathedral made famous in Monet’s numinous watercolours.
It may seem a world away from city life, and yet Paris, the City of Light lies barely eighty miles to the east - little over an hour via by motorway – making Le Manoir de Rougemontiers a luxury rental property in Normandy, an idyllic country retreat within easy reach of the most romantic city on earth.

Perhaps there is no better way to enjoy the myriad delights of France than to combine a relaxing sojourn in the Normandy countryside with a visit to Paris, where you might choose to stay in one of the opulent, historic apartments on the Île Saint Louis managed by of Guest Apartment Services Paris.